Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TMI Tuesday Questions & Answers

Apparently, there's a twitter hashtag for #TMITuesdays, based on weekly questions asked on a blog of the same name (TMI Tuesday Blog). In the following post, I will post this week's TMI Tuesday questions and attempt to answer them to the best of my ability (emphasis on the word "attempt"). You will also be able to find a link back to my answers in the comments section of today's TMI Tuesday blog post. And now, with no futher ado, for your reading pleasure, TMI about moi . . .

Official TMI Tuesday Questions from the TMI Tuesday Blog:

1. Under what circumstances would you kiss a stranger?
Under the influence of a great deal of alcohol. In a foreign country. Under mistletoe (if at a party, etc - not just totally randomly). On NYE (again, if at a party or something, not just totally randomly). Of course, these would only apply if I were single.
2. Who was the last person you sent a sexy or romantic text message to? What did the text say?
To my boyfriend, Anthony: "You just made me grin & blush & melt." Shortly before that: "Hey sexy, amazing, man; love of my life; man of my dreams. Hope you're having a wonderful, fulfilling, productive day. I love you more than I know how to express and yet I love you more with each and every breath. You never cease to amaze me." (This is how I supposedly "bested" him, as he says in my answer to the next question. But damn, if you could read all the texts he's read to me. He's made me cry from pure joy)!
3. What was the last sexy or romantic text message that you received and what did it say?
From my boyfriend, Anthony: "I LOVE YOU,  forever and always." Shortly before that: "Once again you have bested me [in the love text department, so he says, *rolls my eyes*]. Just wait. I'll blow your mind this weekend." We're going out of town Friday for six days, then he's going to visit my hometown for three more days (hence the reference to the weekend). \o/ 
4. What was the longest romantic relationship you’ve had (months, years)? And what was the shortest romantic relationship?
Longest: off-and-on for about 8 years, maybe a little longer
Shortest: a couple of weeks? a couple of months? Somewhere in between the two. Or, for lack of a better answer, FUCKIFIKNOW
5. If there was a cunnilingus contest, would you enter? Would you “eat” or be eaten?
Yes, and eaten, duh! Though, I swear, I better be able to eliminate the duds quickly! Hehehehe. *grins*
If eating, would you bring along your choice of pussy to lick or use one of the clean delectable pussies provided?
6. If we asked your partner/lover to describe you sexually in one word, what do you think that word would be?
uber-kinky and insatiable (Sorry! I couldn't pick JUST one! It's just not fair! *pouts*)
And that's all she wrote, folks. Enjoy! And, fyi, I may even have another poem for you later today. If not, definitely tomorrow! <3


HEDONE said...

1. Good answers! I guess I would kiss a stranger under these circumstances, too. Wish I had thought of these answers. :)

2. Wow you say some wonderfully romantic things. You must make him smile all day.

6. No pouting! You can only pick one...I'll pick it for you--Insatiable. Of course, after I check out your blog I might change it to Kinky :D

Happy TMI Tuesday


Dusk said...

Thanks for sharing! I think I'll add this one to my meme list as well.