Saturday, September 24, 2011

Leap of Faith

This next poem is an old one and one I'm not necessarily as thrilled with as I might once have been but it's been promised to you for some time now as it's the follow-up to "Meant to Be." (Yes, that means there's a voice file at the bottom of the post). So, I thought now that I have a working headset again, it was about damn time I deliver on my word. Again, it's about a step I took on my journey as a submissive and about the same particular ex, whom I adore to this day. With all that said, here she blows:

Leap of Faith

So now
I sit here
Years later
I eagerly anticipate your arrival next week
Reread your email over and over again
Contemplate the risqué pictures I might send to you
I still want you inside me
And I want you
To be the one to take me to the next level
You are the one I have chosen
To submit to
I’m giving myself to you
Once again
As I have over and over
Over the years
Please, baby
Hurt me only when I want you to
Treasure me as you always have
When you hit me, know that it’s not because I’m weak or lost
But because I need to feel and to give up this constant need for control
Take me to the brink and beyond
To the depths and back again
Make me whimper and scream
Beg and plead
Then give me everything I ask you for
Treat me like a slut
And like a queen
Hold me and enfold me
Princess and whore and oh so much more
I am yours for the taking
Just don’t leave me aching and shaking
I’m counting on you
 To do as you always have
And love me more than I love you

copyright 2009 Katherine Andrews Andrews

Leap of Faith 9-14-11 by KakeDastardly

Monday, September 12, 2011

Face Fucking

So some of you twitter types may be familiar with the hash tag #fucktoyfriday. For the rest of you, basically, it's a tag people post with their tweets on Fridays, the tweets being sexual in nature, generally pics or text of women being "fucktoys" or using "fucktoys." This past Friday, I got inspired and wrote something a bit longer than twitter's 180 words minus #fucktoyfriday. Thus, I had to tiny paste it. It's also pretty damn filthy. Since that's the case, I thought I might share it with you here. So, with no further ado, here's #fucktoyfriday, Face Fucking: