My Bucket List - a constant work-in-progress

Part I: Friday, October 5, 2012; 9:14 a.m. EST

1. visit italy and sicily 
2. live in london and/or paris for at least a year
3. own a killer lakehouse on the pamlico sound
4. own a kickass beachfront house/property in Emerald Isle, NC
5. be dominated irl by another female
6. have an enjoyable 3some (m/f/f)
7. write a NBA-winning volume of poetry*
8. teach lit and/or (preferably "and") at a prestigious college/university. or am at least offered a great writer-in-residence position at an Ivy, Baby Ivy, or Seven Sisters school, ideally.
9. own at least fully-restored, mint-condition classic car.
10. have one of my collages hanging in a gallery
11. get a place of my own that i truly adore
12. get another kitty (or 2 or 3)
13. see at least 80% of all Hitchcock movies
14. see Citizen Kane, It's A Wonderful Life, On the Waterfront, The Wild Bunch, Chinatown, The Maltese Falcon, Dr. Strangelove, Annie Hall, Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, Network, and tons and tons and tons more movies.
15. own an original piece of work but an artist I genuinely love 
16. finish my book and finally send it into my editor
17. finish college with at least one undergrad degree (maybe two) and if I'm feeling really ambitious a Master's and maybe even a Ph.d.!
18. make some $ via the interwebs. SOON! (Sooo broke)!
19. meet at least one each of my film idols, fiction idols, poetry idols, music idols, and so on and so forth.
20. fuck James Deen a la Sex and Submission
21. meet Princess Donna and work at kink - preferably coming up with scene outlines/plots/etc and directing.
22. make it to #1 on the Top 100 Sex Bloggers list some year.
23. get collared permanently
24. get married
25. live in New Orleans for some period of time (anywhere from a few months to many, many years)

That's all for now, folks. Expect more of the list soon! (I'm aiming for 100 items)!

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