Thursday, April 28, 2011


*Note: This version of this poem is not the most recent/updated version. However, the only place I'm aware of having  a copy of the most recent revision is on a hard drive that died on Sunday and from which the data has not been extracted as of yet. Sad_face.*


first, it was a thing without a name,
now it's a book on your coffee table
a delivery from fed ex,
a night spent with a lover.
in the space in between
it took shape and form
yet remained shadow.
it still hides in shadow,
though it's taken shape.
You keep it in the shadows,
afraid to share too much of it,
afraid of the damage it could do,
while at other times
you revel in its beauty,
its depravity,
its multitude of meanings for you.
it's not for dinner-table conversation.
you speak of it in hushed whispers
with like-minded people,
so grateful for their friendship.
you embrace it,
for so long ashamed,
now you know there's no other way you can be.
and the end,
you know no end to this.
only a beginning, and a middle that goes on as long as you can foresee
filled with violence, pain, beauty, and awakening
over and over again.

copyright 2010 Katherine Andrews



He whispers sweet nothings to me
Instantly, i melt
My stomach - goo swishing around haphazardly
My spine tingling as his electrically charged hands 
press into the small of my back
and like two magnets being pulled together by a physical force
we fall into each other

Our bodies pressed tightly against each other
our breath shallow and our hearts

beating out the same frantic rhythm
There is no time, nor rules

nor voices in our heads 
just sensation and emotion

and we come together like animals
primal and fierce
with an unquenchable thirst
our flame flaring
we will not be extinguished

copyright 2009 Katherine Andrews

When I Make Love Again

When I Make Love Again

Lately, I've led a life of loneliness.
Not the kind of loneliness that comes
with a lack of friends or family 
but the kind that comes in the inky night,
when there is no one next to me 
that I can press against, feeling his warmth,
and be reassured.
Instead my bed seems perpetually empty.
There is no chest to bury my head in, 
no arm to be draped across my torso,
no warm beating heart
to listen to when it is the blackest hour of night
and there are no other sounds 
to comfort me.

I am always left longing, left wanting.
Wanting stroking and cuddling,
kissing and caressing,
cavorting and creating
love, laughter, limp limbs.

I long to lengthen and locate 
all the places that make you scream.
I want cry out so loud
I drown out the sirens and car horns, 
the engines and the sounds of life carrying on
outside these four walls. 
I want to make my neighbors bang on the walls,
call the super, make a noise complaint.

I want our limbs to merge, limber and loose, 
bending and blending
in ways we never could think 
to imagine.
I want to pant and sweat, 
out of breath, 
moaning in exultation of our coming

Won't you please show up? 
Knock on my door! 
Grab me in a bear hug, lift
me into your arms, carry
me to the bedroom where
we will bathe in the swirls of 
incense smoke and be 
illuminated by the incandescence 
of candlelight.

I will dress up in my finest lingerie --
black silk nightie,
halter-top that ties,
flaring at the hips to show off
the way my ass looks in lacy boy-cut panties,
and how my legs curve in strappy 3-inch heels and 
thigh-highs topped w/ lace, garters and all.
I won't wear these things long but
long enough and 

when they come off, 
you will tease me, softly 
touching every inch of my beckoning skin, 
my welcoming erogenous zones calling to you.
My nipples so hard, my ass so tight, my legs so limber.
I'm wet. I'm coming before you even get near my sweet spot, you're that good and I've been so good,
I've waited so long.
I've waited too long.

I cannot settle for just any old lay though.
It has to be worth my while. It has to be
intimate, intoxicating, alleviating, and deviating
from the norm.
No in-out, in-out, missionary-style wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am for me.
No, I will wait to be intrigued, believed, redeemed.
So, for now, I will just have to shudder and moan
when my hands roam down south, or
I brandish my tools of eroticism, doing to myself 
what so many have failed to do. 

Next time I find you,
you will not fail me.
You will bring me to the brink and then
you will take me over the edge, into a moment
of timelessness, sightlessness, when I'm only aware
of sensational sensation and penetrating pleasure.

So, while lately I've led a life of loneliness,
a life where my nights leave me longing and wanting,
I will continue to wait
and wait
until I know you're the one
who will not only make me come
but be gentle and rough, 
tough and sweet,
a man I'd love to meet, 
a man I need, a man to make me
go into heat.
Someone who cares for my mind and soul
as much as my body, my skin, my scent, my smile, my thighs, my heaving chest;
someone who can love as well as fuck. 

I long and I want and I lead a life of loneliness
but I know how to take care of myself
and I will wait
and wait 
until I my life intersects with
a man worthy of my time.

Copyright 2006 Katherine Andrews

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Just Following Orders Aka Making Myself Cum For You

Just Following Orders Aka Making Myself Cum For You

late at night
lights dimmed
my legs spread wide and
my thighs slick with my juices
as they form rivulets running down my thighs
i imagine
standing before you
looking up into your eyes
my eyes pleading
i have to shove the dildo in my cunt
i plug my ass
and rock back and forth from pussy to ass,
wanting all my holes filled

i imagine
you to let me
suck your cock
all i can think of
is your cock rammed down my throat
i gag on it
you fuck my face
eventually you remove your cock
from the depths of my throat
and you spew your thick, ropey cum
all over my tits,
all over my face

i eagerly lick up every drop
swallow greedily as you once again
shove your cock in my throat
in a tone that is in no uncertain terms
an order, nothing less
you say
"clean my cock, bitch"
if i didn't have a mouthful of your cock
i'd say
"please, Sir, i love the taste of your cum.
thank you"
i lap up every last drop
licking my lips and
grinning happily

I'm dying to be your little cum slut
your whore
your fuck hole
nothing more than a body to be used and abused
doing your bidding
all the time i want
to be slick with sweat and cum and pussy juices
a filthy slut
sopping wet
limp and spent
from being proper fucked
and still
always wanting more
i want to constantly
beg for your cock
i'm your ever-ready and always available
sweet tits

copyright 2010 Katherine Andrews

You, Me, And A Box Of Wine

You, Me, and a Box of Wine

baby let's get drunk tonight
you can buy me a box of cheap wine
just like old times
and before we know it your hands will be on my breasts
we'll be the owners of heaving chests
there will be no wondering what's next

we'll fall into old patterns and routines
our movie will play out all our old scenes
there will be no in-betweens
just everything and nothing all at once
all our unbridled lust
as fuck we must

i want to feel you enter me
i want to feel you center me
make me whole, set me free

moving as one
i come undone
i lose my words
my voice goes unheard
but my cries are fierce
primal, deep
and oh, how i weep

as your hands travel across my smooth skin
feeling your way across my firm flesh
you hold me beneath you, pinned
you take away my breath

just a glance at you
i know not what to do
until we drown ourselves in wine
and then the answer seems so clear
our coming together divine
and the heartbreak we fear
worth all this pleasure
every second of which i treasure

copyright 2009 Katherine Andrews

Happy Easter from Poetic Erotica!

Happy Easter! Hope you all are a having a great Sunday, regardless of whether or not you celebrate the holiday! I, personally, am celebrating by going to brunch and a movie with my parents and younger brother. Should be fun and I am most definitely looking forward to it.

Now, on to the good stuff. This is my latest blog, one that's meant to showcase the more romantic/risque/erotic/pornographic/kinky-type poetry I've written and will write more of! Not all of it will be strictly erotic as such, but all will deal with romance and/or kink, in one way or another. So, while most of it will be NSFW, some of it won't be. Just wanted to let you know what's in store for you! I truly hope you enjoy my poetic stylings and look forward to your comments! Thank you for reading!