Thursday, January 19, 2012

I've got the goods! New poem numero uno (with audio)!

Sooo... I bet you've been wondering where the fuck I've been, right? Well . . . here, there, everywhere but have no fear, I'm back now and with all the goodies you've been waiting for. First up is a slightly cheeky poem filled with innuendo that I wrote for kicks one day. It surprised me with its subtle power (yes, that's oxymoronic or some such shit - sue me!) and grace. It's filled with lust without ever spelling out the delivery of the goods. A great tease, if I do say so myself. Check it out and excuse the cold in the audio recording. *facepalms*


 No Small Thing

The hotness of your breath
as it creates fresh dew upon  my neck
is no small thing.

Your hands --
so strong, so big --
are no small thing
as they grip my shaking thighs.

And then, of course,
it's no small thing
when you pound me
with your eyes.

When your lips finally touch mine
the divine occurs and
it is no small thing.

copyright 2011 Katherine Andrews

And you thought I was gonna say "that's all she wrote, folks," right??? HA! Another blog post coming up momentarily :P

- Kake

No Small Thing by KakeDastardly