Sunday, April 24, 2011

Just Following Orders Aka Making Myself Cum For You

Just Following Orders Aka Making Myself Cum For You

late at night
lights dimmed
my legs spread wide and
my thighs slick with my juices
as they form rivulets running down my thighs
i imagine
standing before you
looking up into your eyes
my eyes pleading
i have to shove the dildo in my cunt
i plug my ass
and rock back and forth from pussy to ass,
wanting all my holes filled

i imagine
you to let me
suck your cock
all i can think of
is your cock rammed down my throat
i gag on it
you fuck my face
eventually you remove your cock
from the depths of my throat
and you spew your thick, ropey cum
all over my tits,
all over my face

i eagerly lick up every drop
swallow greedily as you once again
shove your cock in my throat
in a tone that is in no uncertain terms
an order, nothing less
you say
"clean my cock, bitch"
if i didn't have a mouthful of your cock
i'd say
"please, Sir, i love the taste of your cum.
thank you"
i lap up every last drop
licking my lips and
grinning happily

I'm dying to be your little cum slut
your whore
your fuck hole
nothing more than a body to be used and abused
doing your bidding
all the time i want
to be slick with sweat and cum and pussy juices
a filthy slut
sopping wet
limp and spent
from being proper fucked
and still
always wanting more
i want to constantly
beg for your cock
i'm your ever-ready and always available
sweet tits

copyright 2010 Katherine Andrews

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