Sunday, April 24, 2011

You, Me, And A Box Of Wine

You, Me, and a Box of Wine

baby let's get drunk tonight
you can buy me a box of cheap wine
just like old times
and before we know it your hands will be on my breasts
we'll be the owners of heaving chests
there will be no wondering what's next

we'll fall into old patterns and routines
our movie will play out all our old scenes
there will be no in-betweens
just everything and nothing all at once
all our unbridled lust
as fuck we must

i want to feel you enter me
i want to feel you center me
make me whole, set me free

moving as one
i come undone
i lose my words
my voice goes unheard
but my cries are fierce
primal, deep
and oh, how i weep

as your hands travel across my smooth skin
feeling your way across my firm flesh
you hold me beneath you, pinned
you take away my breath

just a glance at you
i know not what to do
until we drown ourselves in wine
and then the answer seems so clear
our coming together divine
and the heartbreak we fear
worth all this pleasure
every second of which i treasure

copyright 2009 Katherine Andrews

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