Friday, July 1, 2011

The End of My Writer's Block: Love Like

Love Like
love like blood spilled 
like wine staining a white carpet 
like red paint on your hardwood floor
like skin ripped and painting your jeans with your lifeforce

love like the sun gone down 
love like a roller coaster who's tracks don't quite seem up to code
love like a thing of beauty withering, wilting, wasting away

love like a beautiful disaster
love like a precious gem that you keep stealing back from a persistant thief
love like a diamond that has a fatal flaw

love like the eye of a fish dangling from a hook
love like drowning on dry land
love like a joke you don't quite get because it's a joke on you

love like a god you cling to even though you no longer quite believe

copyright 2011 Katherine Andrews

Love Like c 7-1-11 Katherine Andrews by KakeDastardly

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