Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh, yeah. I'm back with a vengeance, baby!

Okay, so I don't actually know if that's true yet. The post title, that is. I have a poem, one I adore, ready to copy and paste into the template for the post. And yet, I know I have to record this, so I know it isn't done yet. Le sigh. Let's see if I can rock 'em, sock 'em with my recital skills today, y'all! And with no further ado (the audio follows the text):

Meant To Be

You were so wrong
So bad
So not what I was supposed to want
Yet again and again
I found myself cradled by your arms
Shivering in delight at your lightest touch
I wanted you oh so much
Even though I knew you were everything
I was supposed to keep at bay
The way our eyes caught each other
Oh boy, it was inevitable
Yes, there were boyfriends and girlfriends to consider
Best friends and roommates
But I don’t think they ever crossed our minds
As our lips touched
In an explosion of orange starlight
And our bodies came together
Bare skin against bare skin
As fires rose from between our thighs
Oh, what a magical delight, what a grand surprise
So what if we had to tell a few little white lies?

I remember matt’s face when I told him we’d slept together
It was maybe the only time I’d seen him hurt by my words
I took a sick pleasure in it
And the angry phone call when jean found out
The threats of an ass-kicking
I stood waiting in my apartment
Jewelry off, sneakers on, hair up,
Primed for a fight
No one ever came
Still, a decayed friendship drew its last breaths that day
How many people did we hurt?
I don’t really care
Not ourselves
And we’re still here
After all these years
And the tears
And the fears
We outlasted all the other pairings

So, it turned out it was worth it in the end
That the love we made was greater than
The love we lost
The gain was more than the cost
The beauty more than anything we tossed
We must have been meant to be
To have overcome all these bullshit odds
We me're meant to be to each other
Exactly who we’ve come to be
It must’ve been fate, love.
the gods designed this -
it’s our destiny

copyright 2009 Katherine Andrews

p.s. I might read you the other poem I wrote to this guy next time, if you're lucky. ;)

Meant to Be by KakeDastardly

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