Monday, February 13, 2012

An Affinity for All Things Audrey

Yes, I HAVE been writing with some increased frequency. Blame it on my "get organized/motivated/more productive" campaign for myself this year or a renewed sense of inspiration due to some interesting prompts I get daily and/or weekly or just blame it on the stars. I mean, who really knows what causes us to be more creative/inspired/productive? I can't blame it on increased energy or better health - both my energy levels and health are completely fuckered right now; nor can I blame it on increased happiness, though perhaps I am more content with myself (though not this horrid vessel which houses my being and seems intent on constantly attacking me). I honestly couldn't tell ya. Anyway, this poem was written a few weeks ago actually but because of template issues (which I'm obviously still victim to - anyone know of a good custom template site or cheap ass web designer?), health issues, general uber-busyness, and the like, I haven't had a chance to post it until now. It was inspired by a pic of Audrey Hepburn, which will be included in this post, as will the obligatory soundcloud track. Oh! By the way, did you know that if you go to my soundcloud profile, you can download all my poems? Just don't redistribute them without my prior consent or I will take legal action, trust me - both my parents are lawyers, as was my grandfather, and I have a cousin or two who are judges. Don't fuck with me with copyright infringement because I do NOT mess around and will pursue every possible legal action to the fullest extent of the law. Just sayin'. Anywho... now back to our regularly scheduled programming. Okay, so the poem: as it's inspired by a woman I reckon the narrator is speaking to a woman (especially considering the title - "Oh, Audrey" and how the poem begins (the first words are "Sometimes, Audrey[...]"). This is quite literally the first love poem or piece of erotica that I've addressed to a woman. I guess since I'm discovering that I lean more towards bisexuality rather than heteroflexibility as I once thought, it only makes sense. It's just another way of exploring that aspect of my sexuality and identitiy, I suppose. So, there ya have it. You got your first lezzie poem from me, aren't ya excited? It's a very descriptive (perhaps ever overly so at times) prose poem that I actually composed in a tumblr post (you DID know I have a tumblr, right? It's called Pretty Porn and Other Loves) off the top of my head and later copied and pasted to MS Word, where I edited and revised it. I'm pretty pleased with the results, if I do say so myself, but am afraid it does get a bit flowery at times in terms of imagery and description. However, I'll let you be the judge as I don't exactly have the most objective perspective now, do I? One thing I do ask - hell, beg of you - is that you leave comments this time. PLEASE! HALP! I like it but am afraid the extremity of the amount of description and imagery may make it kind of shitty and as I've said, I have absofuckinglutely NO perspective here. Thank you so much for the feedback (in advance). Anyway, with no further ado, here she is, the lovely Ms Hepburn...

And the text...

Oh, Audrey

Sometimes, Audrey, you give me chills like icicle fingertips caressing my spine. You take my breath from me suddenly, completely, to the extent that instantly, I can make no sound, choking on strangled whimpers.
I get lost.
Your eyes never fail to make me instantly freeze, transporting me somewhere that lives only in the map of your face - the curves and contours and hollows created by the sloping bones and tapering flesh that comprise your beautifully haunted yet undeniably unguarded visage.
A slight curl of the thin lines of your lips leaves me dazed, stumbling, speechless - your exquisiteness a drug. I am helpless against the splendor of each tiny movement in an expression.
Your elegant yet winsome wiles have a way of halting me in my tracks that not a single other delight in this plane of existence can manage. Your power is irrefutable.
I lose myself to you each time our eyes find each other - be it during a kiss or five years later across a crowded subway station, long separated and no longer in touch.
It is you who I lose myself to - diving towards the coral reefs of your being, your soul finally and achingly spread out in front of me like a duvet - wrinkled and warm whereas I - I am wanton, lying beneath the weight of your stuffing, your soft, downy touch cocooning me in its embrace, and you - you are the opposite – seemingly unfettered by the complications of love and lust, almost naive, wide-eyed and credulous, quite like an unspoiled and sheltered child.
When we come together a balance is achieved, a harmony - our voices comingle and dance together in a way that transforms and triumphs.
Together, we burn, a flame that can't be extinguished, as you hold me so close with those eyes that speak of sun and balmy breezes and beaches where we run bare bodied into the breakers, letting the sea steal us away from the confines of a construct.
Daily, I get stuck in our gaze, lost for hours at a time, then - the day is gone, and when the sun sets, I am wholly and entirely without regrets.

copyright 2011 Katherine Andrews

And, finally, the audio...

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