Friday, June 10, 2011

When We're Here

Damn, I've been remiss in keeping up with posting. Well, real life has been nutso, but that's a story for another day one far, far removed from this one. Suffice it to say, I've been busy. And the worst part is, my offering for you today is not my best effort. It does have its charm though. Its a tad naive, perhaps, and one  of my earlier efforts, and I'm so obviously in love or at least infatuated at that moment in time it's a little gag-inducing but not really -- in all honesty, I find it a bit cute, but I'm not all that objective, am I? It does at times veer towards the cheesy and cliche, especially, here and there, in the imagery, which, in all honesty, is what bugs me the most, because, for the most part, this is pure fiction, and I can write hotter stuff based solely in fact, which, maybe is the problem, but who cares - it's pretty and I was young and while a seasoned writer, generally-speaking, not-yet-used to the genre of erotica, had not really come into my own as an erotic poet (if I have yet, or ever will) and it's a lovely, awkward, idealistic and at the same time, hot to death (though a tad cheesy) look at a sexual encounter between two lovers, in the purest sense of that term.


Pain penetrates every muscle and joint,
And yet,
My arthritis nor my bad back are the source of the greatest pain.
I sit here, alone, and think of you,
Wonder what you’re doing,
My heart hurts
With the ache of missing you.

What I miss is your smile, your laugh,
When I do something so me,
And the warmth that spreads through my loins
Anytime, every time,
I am lucky enough to be in your presence.

Oh baby,
I see us together,
Lying near in a picturesque land of our own creation
Waterfalls and sharks going hand in hand.
In this world of whimsy,
I look into your eyes,
Feel your stare penetrate my soul,
As you read me like a book,
Knowing just exactly what I want.

You draw me close to you,
You lips touch mine and I am only in that moment
Where nothing exists except the coming together of us,
The joining of two souls.
Your hands are on my breasts,
Your hot breath on my neck.
Your hands are hot on my skin
As you fumble with my hooks and buttons and zippers and
Then we’re gloriously naked,
Our bare bodies pressed together –
Salty sweat and bare skin against bare skin.
Arms wrapped around your neck,
I attack you with kisses –
Searching, seeking, kisses;
Lusty, loving kisses;
Naughty, needy kisses.
Unable to control myself,
To delay pleasure even an instant longer,
I push you forcefully, purposefully
Onto the bed,
Straddling you,
I grab your cock,
Your beautiful cock
All hard and thick and long and aching for my pussy,
And lower myself onto it,
Slowly, gently, beginning to rock back and forth,
To bounce up and down,
To wiggle and wriggle and giggle and writhe.
My pussy tight around your cock, my nipples hard,
my juices dripping down
my thighs onto you,
I get lost in the speed and rhythm
with which our bodies meet
as you raise up and I slam down,
Perfectly synchronized and
A perfect fit,
Giving to each other of ourselves –
(By no means an easy feat) –
As we bounce up and down in perfect harmony.

I’m lost in your eyes
You stare at me,
Hypnotizing me,
As if your eyes penetrated the very core of my soul.
You know me so well,
You love me so well,
You fit me so well,
Our eyes stay locked, frozen, stuck
In an intimate stare,
A knowing gaze
Our eyes lovingly fixed upon each other,
Stuck in each other’s stare,
Lost in a moment
Of purity and perfection
Of primality and peace
Of the truth only we know –
How here we belong together,
Are connected,
At times even one.

I bounce up and down, up and down,
One hand buried in my pussy,
Fingers, nails, caressing my clit,
Digging in to make tight circles around it,
And to pinch and pull
As you hold me by the waist
Your grip firm and forceful.
You lift me up and down, up and down,
And I in turn slam myself up and down, up and down,
Grinding and gyrating and wriggling and wiggling and
Whimpering, whining,
moaning, groaning,
crying out
In pleasure and
In pain.

Your hands roam my smooth skin,
Reach for a tit,
Tweak a nipple,

Your hand comes down on my ass
Hard as all hell
And I scream out
Loving the pain
Loving it as you let me know
Just who is in charge
And just what to do.
So close baby, so close,
I whimper,
“baby, baby, baby,
Oh god,
I love every second your cock penetrates my pussy.”

You flip me over and
I cry out so loud,
In passion
In pleasure
In pain
As your cock enters my ass,
No mercy for the greedy,
You enter me forcefully,
Filling my ass with your cock.
I know it won’t be long.
You slap my ass again,
Bite my neck,
Order me to make you cum.
Oh baby, anytime.
Every time.
It’s my goal in life.
I ram my ass back against your cock as
you reach around and begin
to pull at my clit,
Pinching it,
Then rubbing it in tight circles
with just the right amount of pressure.
So skilled --
You never cease to amaze me.
One final thrust,
One last push of my pelvis,
And we cum together,
Your white-hot cum mixing with my juices as it fills my ass.
Our bodies shudder, quiver, spasm, throb,
And release is ours,
But more than that
For a moment at least,
Nothing separates us and
we are lost in each other,
Sharing the same ecstasy,
Sharing common love.

We collapse onto the bed,
Lying together,
Our bodies still entwined,
Our eyes still stuck
in the other’s gaze,

Our lips meet,
Our tongues tangle,
We nibble on each others’ lips,
And with each kiss,
We pass back and forth

electric currents of pure connection,
Pure emotion,
Pure devotion.

Can we stay like this forever?

copyright 2008 Katherine Andrews

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